Deb Angstadt and Scott Warren


Warren Whitney’s Deb Angstadt and Scott Warren were engaged to help this medical practice understand the potential associated with a new way of delivering medical services, recommend a rollout strategy, and assist in the execution of the rollout.


After this practice opened its first urgent care center, it realized the importance of being first to market. Needing a timely plan for development and expansion, the group realized the benefit of contracting an outside firm.

Having worked successfully with Warren Whitney on previous occasions, the group sought assistance from the firm in a planning capacity.

Deb and Scott began their process by:

• Analyzing the market.
• Developing financial projections.
• Projecting the business’s time frame for expansion.

From the market analysis, Deb and Scott helped the group to realize the potential for expansion within the area. They then began crafting a plan for growth and implementation. As a part of this process, Deb and Scott:

• Developed best practices.
• Researched the possibility of a national franchise.
• Created a model for operations and personnel.

Once receiving a market analysis, a plan for expansion, an updated business model, and a new series of best practices, the group began the implementation phase of the project.


The practice has opened two successful urgent care locations.

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