Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits should be run like businesses but, in many ways, they are more complex. Anyone new to the concept of fund accounting or grant accounting, especially federal grants, will agree. Also interesting are the dynamics between the board and the nonprofit’s CEO. It takes continuous effort to develop the board, and strengthen the partnership between the board chair and the CEO through chair rotations. Leaders of the best for-profit companies still learn a lot when they join a nonprofit board.

Warren Whitney understands the needs of these nonprofits and offers assistance through three service models:

  • Contract Role – We will become a part of your team at the level you need us, for as long as you need us. Most of our engagements involve taking an operating role in a client organization one or two days per week, for several months to several years.
  • Advisory Role – An advisory role involves a greater emphasis on counseling than on an operating role. We have an outside view, and our only agenda is to help your organization be successful.
  • Consulting Engagement – Sometimes a traditional consulting engagement is the right approach. We work with you to define the scope and then recommend an approach. Each engagement is different, and we take special care to understand the culture of your organization.

Using these service models, we provide assistance in the areas of:

  • Finance and Accounting

    Our finance and accounting professionals range from bookkeepers to CFOs who have experience in planning exit strategies, managing banking relationships, evaluating accounting systems and procedures, preparing financial statements, unraveling accounting systems messes, and conducting forensic accounting.

    Read or watch the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s “60 Seconds With: Cyndy Lowery” to learn more about how forensic accounting can help businesses and organizations. (Access a direct link from our Press page, under the About menu.)

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  • Human Resources/Recruiting

    For companies that don’t have a fully staffed human resources department, we can help with recruiting, human resource policies, compensation plans, and ad hoc efforts to address a particular need. We often serve as a senior human resource advisor to your financial or administrative personnel who handle day-to-day details.

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  • Board Development

    Developing a strong board is among the most important, challenging, and interesting responsibilities of the current board and the CEO. Cultivating the board you need, assessing the board’s performance and effectiveness, and transitioning the responsibilities during chair rotations is often not an intuitive process. We can help develop the right process for you.

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  • Strategic Planning

    A good strategic plan is integral to the success of a nonprofit. The process helps engage the board and gives management the direction it needs to move forward. Most importantly, it affords the opportunity to look carefully at the organization’s position with respect to other nonprofits addressing similar needs. That exercise can help you confirm the current strategy or decide to adjust it.

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  • Organizational Planning

    What happens next? First, we help determine whether you have the right people doing the right things. Then we look at ways to move forward while balancing the demands of various functions and the resources of your company. Ultimately, we create a map that helps you make decisions that align your organizational structure with your goals.

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  • Operations & Process Improvements

    Efficient operations are critical to profitability. Whether your teams are focused on Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing, or Customer Service, manual or inefficient processes result in wasted time, additional costs, and potential customer issues. Reporting systems and management oversight are needed to avoid issues. We bring broad industry experience and hands on expertise that will help identify issues, develop plans of correction, and streamline operations. We generally assist clients through fractional COO services, operational assessments, hands on process mapping and design, and mentoring of staff as changes are made.

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  • Technology

    Robust, reliable systems are essential for high performing organizations. We are business leaders who understand technology, so you will find that we “speak your language”. We work with you to develop and implement strategic plans that make sure your technologies, staff capabilities, vendor partners, costs, controls, and internal processes are all aligned and in sync with your current and future needs. Our team typically assists clients by serving as fractional/interim members of their senior management teams, mentors to existing technology leadership, or project managers for major system selection and implementation processes.

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