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Privately Held Nonprofit

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Warren Whitney makes potential happen.

We are a management consulting firm dedicated to serving privately held and nonprofit
organizations. Our professionals come to you with a particular focus in business
management, ready to learn your whole business and culture so we can help
develop and implement the strategy that is right for you.

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Who We Are

We are a group of roughly 15 professionals who love to work with privately held and nonprofit organizations. Our backgrounds typically include a combination of professional service, front-line management, and leadership experience. We're like you in that we will put every ounce of energy into making your organization successful.

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Privately Held

A privately held business faces challenges and pressures that larger publicly held companies do - and often many more - without the same resources. A privately held business, like any business entity, requires good accounting, marketing, operations management, recruiting, and strategic planning. On top of that, issues dealing with partners, family members, or exit strategies add complexity and stress to the role of the president.

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Nonprofits should be run like businesses, but, in many ways, they are more complex. Anyone new to the concept of fund accounting or grant accounting, especially federal grants, will agree. Also interesting are the dynamics between the board and the nonprofit's CEO. Developing the board and strengthening the partnership between the board chair and the CEO through chair rotations takes a continuous effort.

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